Mattress 70x120 + 40x70 to UP! cot

Mattress made especially for the UP cot!
Its first part (size 70x120) is adapted to the size of the bed in the basic version - for the baby.
At the time of the transformation of the cot for an older person, a smaller part, size 40x70, is added to the basic mattress.
Both parts are matched to each other and to the bed.

The main features of the mattress:
- made of antiallergic polyurethane foam, density 18.28 kg / m3 (the so-called average hardness), which due to its construction has high resistance to deformation
-the appropriate (average) hardness of the mattress has proper action for the forming small spine

The mattress is equipped with a quilted cover with anti-allergic properties.
It is extremely hygienic and durable.
The knit from which it was made is durable, and at the same time very pleasant to the touch.
The cover can be washed at a temperature of 40 degrees, which allows you to keep clean and fresh, and at the same time will make it effectively remove mites and microorganisms.
It is quilted with a high-viscous fleece, which gives it extraordinary softness.

Cover parameters:
- jersey
-all edges of the cover are hemmed to prevent material fraying
- lock (on three sides) for easy removal of the cover
- possibility to wash the cover repeatedly at 40 degrees

The cover is made entirely of high quality materials with antibacterial and antiallergic properties confirmed by Oeko-tex certificates.

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